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Play. Sweat. Community.

Flex & Flow is a community-centered yoga, bootcamp, and fitness studio. The Flex & Flow community helps unleash your inner athlete through fun, upbeat and dynamic yoga and fitness classes. No matter where you are on your fitness journey, Flex & Flow classes will both challenge and support you. Join our sweaty tribe and transform your life one sweaty hug, one sweaty class, and one high five at a time!







 New student special: 10 classes for $10

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Community Love <3

Flex & Flow's HIIT & Flow class is one of the only places on earth I can simultaneously feel like my legs are on fire and have a total blast. I can always count on class being both challenging and fun, and I love that the low-impact cardio and strength-building routine is accessible to people of all fitness levels. Thank you to the instructors for bringing your fierce energy to these classes and helping me leave the studio stronger every time!

Lauren Thomas

I came to yoga as a long distance runner who did almost no strength training at all. I could barely do a single push up. HIIT & Flow classes were a much more approachable kind of strength training for me and I feel so much stronger and more balanced than I ever did from going to the gym. Flex & Flow classes have made me really value a more total body workout and I feel less injury prone, stronger, faster, and committed to an exercise routine beyond just running. I also really appreciate the supportive and community oriented environment, it makes me want to work harder and go more often!

Heather Buletti

The Flex & Flow yoga studio has a great lineup of regularly scheduled classes available to choose from and I appreciate how they mix things up with some different workshops and special events. The instructors are super friendly and inviting, extremely knowledgeable, inspiring, and are consistently beaming with joyfulness and gratitude that always brightens my day and leaves me looking forward to the next class!

Chad Alexander

Flex & Flow has become my second home. It is helping me transform my practice––all thanks to the variety of vinyasa classes and cross-training. On days when I don't feel I have it in me to get on the mat the F&F community inspires me, and reminds me to come as I am and to sweat it out. The F&F community embraces and empowers me each day. It's a space that has transcended the label "yoga studio," it’s so much more than that.

Amber Koski

At Flex and Flow you learn to build a relationship with mind and body. The instructors care greatly for their students and help support their individual goals. The environment is motivating and full of positive energy!

Jared Blank

One thing I can guarantee is that you won’t leave wondering if you could have pushed yourself harder.


It's where I want to be, every day, all day. It's so welcoming and friendly!