Raise your hand if you haven’t been sleeping well. Raise your other hand if you haven’t been to a yoga class in a week. Stand tall and feel all the edges of your circumstance. Lower your arms to your sides with gratitude in admitting your story.

Now look at that, you’re in Mountain Pose. You are a mountain. Stand tall, stand fierce within yourself and know that you are a mountain. This pose is the foundation for all of the standing postures and improves stability and confidence.

I should know. I raised my hands on both fronts and lowered my arms with deep gratitude for returning to my practice and for the understanding that finding stability is always a balance. Life gets in the way sometimes. We, as humans, have the ability to laugh over a good memory with a friend and worry about other things –– like the stresses of a new city, finishing that project at work, school, relationships, turning off the stove –– at the same time, all within one thought, one sitting. This is why we stand on two legs. Find balance in breath. This is how we move about the world, seeking stability and confidence.

While I raised both hands, I realized my circumstance goes hand in hand! I have not been going to yoga, I have not been breathing, and therefore I have not been sleeping. Sure, I’ll admit to blaming daylight savings, hosting visitors, and all the worries listed above (no need to list them again, amIright?) but when it comes down to it: I am the mountain. I am my biggest obstacle. Once I feel out all the edges of myself in movement, I can understand what it means to feel, worry, breathe, laugh in all of the goodness of life.

For now, I’ll run off to yoga so I can find some rest later.


By Karen Cygnarowicz | March 25, 2016 | Yoga | No Comments


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