Weekly Updates: April 4 – April 10

by Nicci Randall in Fitness

The sweat was real because y’all always keep it real! This week at Flex & Flow, we stretched, strengthened, ran, and got so bendy in and out of the studio. Thanks to all of YOU for bringing the noise and energy onto the yoga mat and trails – keep it coming!

We got all kinds of hippie this week. Thanks to all the squats and frog poses in Liz‘s class, we’re feeling so strong and open. Needless to say this was a hurts so good situation.

The Bends

After learning about the spine, shoulders, and hip flexors, we got all kinds of bendy in Nic’s Anatomy of Backbends workshop. We had some wheel breakthroughs this weekend and it was so fun to get our fill of yoga coffee with each other.

Flex & Flow Run Club

Saturday morning was all about sweat, mud, and miles with friends! These badass ladies and pups woke up with the sun and ran 6+ miles in Forest Park. Morning miles with the Flex & Flow Run Club is our favorite way to rise and sweat on Saturday morning.

This coming Saturday, we’re running downtown. Meet us at Flex & Flow at 7am and we’ll run anywhere up to 7 miles around the waterfront and back. Make sure to join the Flex & Flow Runners Facebook group for any updates and run dates.

Coming Up at Flex & Flow

Ready to challenge your yoga practice?! Join us April 28-30 for the HIIT & Flow Teacher TrainingEmpower your sweaty, HIIT & Flow practice and learn the skills to teach Flex & Flow HIIT & Flow classes! Sign up today! 

Are you and your friends craving a sweaty adventure? Then check out the Empowered Race + Yoga Festival in the Bay Area, August 5-6. Flex & Flow friends get 20% off registration with the code FLEXANDFLOW!