Let’s party in the park!

by Liz in Fitness, Health, Workshops

After a long weekend of sunshine, cookouts, and outdoor fun, are you as ready for summer as I am??

We’re guaranteeing a summer full of sweat with our Summer Sweat Series! Whether you’re running a race this summer or fall, a lot of us use the beautiful weather as extra incentive to get outside and get those miles in. I’m with ya! I’m so excited to be training for EMPOWER and Molalla all summer long.

Most of us can’t just run and run and run, and stay healthy without doing anything else. Cross training and recovery are incredibly important parts of running and gearing up for a race. Enter yoga, bootcamp, active restoration, body rolling, HIIT & Flow, and rest days.

To amp up our training, we’ll be curating weekly workouts for you. Each Sunday throughout the summer you will receive an email featuring our recommended workout schedule for that week. Join in where you can, use the “can’t make it in to the studio?” option for at-home workouts when you can’t, and keep track of your progress on the challenge board at the studio. Keep your eyes peeled for the first week’s workout schedule coming at you this FRIDAY!


We’re kicking the summer of sweat off with a big ole party in the park! Meet at the studio this Saturday at 11:30 to run over to Overlook Park for bootcamp with Jamie and Tasha. We’ll then head back over to the studio for a nutrition talk at 12:45pm with our very own Barb Skinner, a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner, about how to appropriately and successfully fuel to train. Cookies from Morsel Code Cookie Company and tea from Stash Tea will be there! We’re also giving away a few SANS bottles, amazing glass bottle containers intended to keep your juice and smoothies (and wine!) fresher and cooler for longer! Can’t wait? Get 20% off now with the code FLEXANDFLOW20.

See you for Sweaty Saturday, sweaties!