Weekly Updates: August 22 – 28

by Nicci Randall in Fitness

We’re closing out the month of August with a sweaty bang. Here’s to all of you for rocking out the #GrabLife 30-Day Yoga Challenge and celebrating each other on the yoga mat. There are so many more adventures to be had and we can’t wait to do it all with you!

Celebrating all day, everyday!

There’s nothing more we love to celebrate than all of our yogis. On Thursday, we celebrated Tom’s birthday with all the flowing and sweating on the yoga mat with Liz. In true Liz AND Tom fashion, we got as many inversions, arm balances, and backbends in before 8:30AM. Sweaty parties are our jam!

Not your birthday? That doesn’t mean we don’t want to celebrate YOU. Y’all fill us with joy, inspiration and sweaty vibes – we want to celebrate yoga and this community on the mat with you all day, everyday!

Work it + #GrabLife.

As we close out the #GrabLife 30-Day Yoga Challenge with Handful, it’s very clear that y’all know how to work hard on the yoga mat. Your dedication to get on the mat is so inspiring, so don’t let the end of the month stop you from getting after it! Stay tuned as we’ll announce the winner of the entire challenge at the end of the week.

If you want to #GrabLife even more with Handful, then use the code FLEX15 for 15% off when you shop at Handful.com!

The Doctor is IN.
Did you know you can now receive acupuncture treatment in the studio with Dr. Kate on Wednesdays from 2-5pm and Saturdays from 2-7pm? Dr. Kate is also offering community acupuncture on Saturdays from 2-5pm at a lowered rate of $40 for 45 minutes! Check out our newest blog post, in which Dr. Kate discusses acupuncture treatment and why you should give it a try.

Labor Day Weekend
We’ll be celebrating the holiday weekend with adventures and chill time, and hope you’ll be doing the same. We’ll still have classes everyday – the schedule is as follows:

  • Friday6AM Power Vinyasa; 9:15AM Power Vinyasa; 12PM Power Vinyasa; 6PM Power Vinyasa
  • Saturday9:30AM Power Vinyasa
  • Sunday9:30AM Power Vinyasa
  • Monday9:30AM Power Vinyasa; 6:45PM Power Vinyasa

Coming Up: