HIIT & Flow

by Nicci Randall in Fitness

We have some very exciting news about our sweatiest and strongest high-intensity fitness class…

This class has grown and changed over the last few years as we’ve added more moves, sequences, and ways to challenge you thanks to this inspiring community, and with that change comes a new, fully encompassing name.

We’d like you all to meet HIIT & Flow – the workout that combines high-intensity interval training, gliders, and vinyasa flow for a heart-pounding mix of strength training, flexibility, and sweat.

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HIIT & Flow at Flex & Flow 6 days a week!

And since we’re on the subject of HIIT & Flow and new things, we’ve added a new HIIT & Flow class on Thursday nights at 5:30 pm. We’ve moved the Thursday night Power Vinyasa class to 6:45 pm, so we can sweat and flow all night long.

We have 8 HIIT & Flow classes on the Flex & Flow schedule. You have the opportunity to get your HIIT & Flow on with us 6 days a week – what are you waiting for?!

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New to HIIT & Flow?

HIIT & Flow combines high-intensity interval training, gliders, and vinyasa flow for a heart-pounding mix of strength training, flexibility, and sweat. It’s a challenging workout that will take you to your edge and back again; it will help you build strength, endurance, and confidence, and it’s a sweaty blast.

It’s so much bigger than just a workout – it’s a community.

We’ve created a community of fitness and sweat lovers at Flex & Flow, our studio in Portland, OR, who get after it on their gliders at HIIT & Flow 3-5 times a week. What brings them back? Of course, it’s the challenge, because HIIT & Flow never gets easier, but it’s also the encouraging, fun community that has developed out of this workout. This is what we want to share with people everywhere, whether they’re at Flex & Flow, another fitness studio, or even at home. Wherever you are, we’re in this together!

It is EMPOWERing.

HIIT & Flow is the very embodiment of empowerment.The workout shows us what we’re truly capable of, inspiring and motivating us to embrace our strength, to challenge ourselves, and to push past our fears.

It is for everyBODY.

HIIT & Flow was designed to be accessible to everyone. Although it is very high intensity, it is a very low impact exercise on the joints, making it accessible to most any ages and to those coming back from injuries (with doctor’s clearance, of course).

HIIT & Flow Teacher Training

For those of you looking to dive even deeper into HIIT & Flow, we are so excited to announce our second HIIT & Flow Teacher Training, this November 28 – December 3. Join us for this 15-hour teacher training to learn the moves, sequencing techniques, and the confidence to teach our signature HIIT & Flow class.

If you sign up before November 1, the price is only $300. After November 1, the training is $400. This training is perfect for those looking to acquire a new fitness style certification as well as those looking to strengthen and deepen their HIIT & Flow practice. We’d love for you to join our community of sweat and challenge-loving students and teachers!

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HIIT & Flow Weekly Workout

Not in Portland? Not a problem! We have the HIIT & Flow Weekly online training program. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday we deliver a workout to your email. It’s a great way to add more cardio and strength training into your routine, whether you’re training for your next race, or for life.

Sign up here for the HIIT & Flow Weekly Workout and for $9.99/month you’ll receive a set of gliders, 3 workout sequences delivered to your email every week, and swag from our current partner of the month. And speaking of partners, right now we’re teaming up with Independently Driven, creators of our new favorite non-slip Victory Band headbands, and when you sign up for the HIIT & Flow Weekly membership, we’ll send you a FREE Victory Band headband ($17 value). Get after it on the gliders and rock your Victory Band to keep the hair and sweat off your face – nothing can stop you now!

Thanks for following along with and being a part of our sweaty adventures. Can’t wait to keep getting after it in and out of the studio with all of you.

Stay sweaty!


The Flex & Flow Tribe