What you’ll really learn in HIIT & Flow Teacher Training

by Tasha Henderson in Announcements, Fitness

“Every now and then, say ‘What the fuck.’ ‘What the fuck’ gives you freedom. Freedom brings
opportunity, opportunity makes your future…”  – Miles Dalby, Risky Business.

I almost didn’t sign up for HIIT & Flow Teacher Training. Despite it being number one on my “2017 FFY Goals List”, despite telling all my friends and husband that I was planning to do it, despite hounding Jamie about it over the last year, when the time came to sign up for the training, I was overcome with what can only be described as an overwhelming helping of self-doubt, served with a small side of crazy. Your boot camp class participation has been low, maybe you should just focus on getting better at that first. What if you’re already a shitty teacher and no one is telling you? What if you suck at HIIT & Flow teaching too!?

Your boot camp class participation has been low, maybe you should just focus on getting better at that first. What if you’re already a shitty teacher and no one is telling you? What if you suck at HIIT & Flow teaching too!?

What if you’re already a shitty teacher and no one is telling you? What if you suck at HIIT & Flow teaching too!?

Maybe you should just quit teaching and move to Bend.

All the crazy kept compounding until I finally just told myself, “fuck it!”. I said “fuck it” to my self-doubt and crazy. And most importantly, I said “fuck it” to the excuses I was making to get myself out of doing something completely outside of my comfort zone. And if I really do suck? Well, fuck it. You’ll live.

And if I really do suck? Well, fuck it. You’ll live.

The most important thing I learned from HIIT & Flow Teacher Training was being able to say “fuck it”. “Fuck it” gave me the freedom from self-doubt and the freedom to show up. That freedom gave me the opportunity to be part of an amazing community of women, sweat my literal and figurative ass off, and learn these three important things about myself and teaching:

I am the Velvet Bulldozer.

During HIIT training we learned that a brand has a promise, perception, expectations, a persona, and elements. Because perception is built by your customers (others), not you, as a new teacher it’s hard to fully understand that element of your brand.

Initially, a co-worker gave me the nickname “velvet bulldozer”. I laughed and took it as the well-intended joke that it was. But during the course of our training, I discovered that my fellow trainees, teachers, and friends agreed that it was very applicable to my life as a fitness instructor. From teacher training I learned that others perceived my teaching style as velvet bulldozing – hard driving, but with a smile.

Moving forward, I can use this piece of the puzzle (perception) to further build my brand’s promise, my client’s expectations of me, the attributes my customers will assign to my brand (persona), and the messaging that I infuse throughout my brand (elements).

Do the Work, But Don’t Try to be Perfect.

I am a completely un-reformed perfectionist. Prior to HIIT teacher training, I planned my boot camp classes meticulously with the goal of making each class perfect. However, once things didn’t go exactly as planned, (Someone has an injury, someone forgot their shoes, etc.) the whole plan would come crashing down and I would get flustered. I felt like my students would pick up on that flustered energy, which inevitably led to a less than perfect class.

It was a self-defeating strategy.

I was really nervous going into the HIIT & Flow group teaching. I practiced, a lot. I tried to get the wording right, and tried to memorize each and every single call out. I was really worried I would forget what I was supposed to say and get flustered. I wanted it to be exactly perfect.

But on the morning of our group teaching, my mindset shifted. I gave myself permission to not be perfect. I had practiced, I knew the moves, and so I did something I never do before a big test: I relaxed.

My group teaching was one of the most fun classes I have ever taught. Relaxing and giving myself some room for error, allowed me to read the class and adjust, say some funny stuff to motivate the group, and (apparently) growl?

Since our teaching training, I have stopped trying to make my boot camp classes perfect. I go in with a general outline and plan for what I would like to do for the night, but then relax, and just stay open to adjustment and shifts based on what my students need. Getting rid of the expectation of perfection allows me to be more present with my students and makes me a better teacher.

Motivate and Inspire by Using Jedi Mind Tricks.

Teaching HIIT, or any challenging fitness class, is all about keeping people motivated and helping people push themselves to their edge. Succeeding at this task largely attributed to your energy as an instructor, but it is also about finding tricks to keep people’s mind’s engaged. The format of HIIT & Flow itself serves that purpose by having a predictable outline, all while allowing for creativity and diversity in the sequencing. In addition to teaching us the class format, Jamie, Nicci, and Liz had some great “tricks” to keep people engaged and motivated:

  • For exercise reps, use easy numbers like 10,5, and 3.
  • Where there is the opportunity, give a few different offerings so that beginners aren’t overwhelmed and advanced practitioners are challenged.
  • When doing reps of an exercise, give people a goal number, and let them count it themselves.
  • If students start look toasted get them on the ground for glider push-ups or lemon squeezers.
  • Be strategic about giving explanations. Taking time to communicate to the class can serve the joint purpose of
    • Giving the class a breather while the instructor talks, and
    • Giving the class an expectation of their energy output so they can push themselves to the end.

I have started using these tricks in my boot camp classes and have seen a change in the energy and motivation level in my students. I can’t wait to use them in my first HIIT & Flow class.

When walking into HIIT training, I knew I was going to get a wealth of technical knowledge and tools that would help me be a better teacher. I didn’t expect that I would have the opportunity to learn so much about myself, and gain knowledge that I could carry inside and outside of the yoga studio. I’m so happy I said “fuck it” and gave myself the freedom and opportunity to learn, sweat, and challenge myself to something new.

Ready to give yourself the freedom and opportunity to challenge yourself, physically and mentally? Sign up for the next HIIT & Flow Teacher Training (November 28 – December 3, 2017) now and get the early bird price of $350! After 10/28/2017, the price will go up to $400!

Want more details on the training? Check out this page!

As always, stay sweaty, friends!