We’re SLOWing it down.

by Nicci Randall in Fitness

As the Northern Hemisphere shifts into colder months and we prepare for the rain to come in Oregon, there can be a noticeable shift in our energy levels (think Conservation/Hibernation). Warm, cozy spaces begin to beckon, and you might find it more difficult to get moving. Try not to forget that we can generate our own warmth and cozy with a yoga practice, and many other body and breath pumping modalities!

I know the Flex and Flow community brings the heat, so I am excited to once again bring my Slow Flow & Reiki class to all of you the evening of October 22, at 7:15 pm. This class is for those interested in embracing the slow down, waving goodbye to summer, and in need of some extra TLC to stay fresh for the holidays fast approaching.

The class blends two things I love to practice: Yoga and Reiki Energy Healing. Starting with a Hatha practice the focus will be on longer holds and slow transitions to warm the body and open up. Then get comfortable with restorative postures before ending with a deep savasana. With the assistance of Liz, I will be giving hands-on personal adjustments throughout, including a full body savasana assist (so calming) by Liz. I will provide personal Reiki during the practice, and while in savasana everyone receives their own upper body Reiki treatment.

Sound amazing, but not entirely sure what Reiki is?

I want to make it personal this time around- so let me elaborate as to what it is and how I came to love Reiki.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that can enhance relaxation, encourage release, and deepen meditative states. Anyone can access Reiki, but in order to practice/share Reiki one must be attuned by a Master. Reiki is shared by the practitioner using a cupped hands method, or gently resting the hands on the body (no clothing removal required). It is gentle and only requires you show up with an open mind to receive!

The first time I was offered Reiki was during a massage and I didn’t hesitate to say yes (ultimate self-care mode). I was fascinated – I had no idea what it was or what was actually happening, but I felt a change as soon as I started to receive it. Reiki felt like a warm blanket was placed over me in the areas where the therapist’s hands would go; I began to tune into many sensations (tingling and cooling), and it dropped me into my body. Afterwards, I felt energetically free around my spine, magnetic, and more clear to go about my business that afternoon!

Soon after I received Reiki, I kept meeting massage therapists and Reiki masters. I felt that Reiki was putting itself in my way as a message to get attuned. One of the first yoga studios I taught at was owned by a massage therapist/ wonderful human and Reiki Master; so within 3 months of receiving my 200 RYT, I was attuned for my Level I Reiki Certification. I have been sharing since.

I appreciate that Reiki, like yoga, is for anyone. It is a tool that blends so well with other forms of care and physical embodiment. I approach Reiki like my yoga practice: with trust, patience, and an open mind. I believe it to be powerful and appropriate for me, so I believe it works. I’d love to share it with you and I am so grateful for the platform to do so at Flex & Flow. Please join us on Oct 22 at 7:15 PM to experience this 2-hour class!

Reminder: space is limited to 12 people to ensure everyone gets a fair share of personal Reiki attention. Make sure to sign up now to reserve your spot. This special class is $35, and 20% off for all Flex & Flow members (who have an unlimited auto-renewal pass) with the code FFYWORKSHOP.


Here’s what people are saying about Slow Flow & Reiki…

‘Slow Flow and Reiki is truly a blissful experience. I left the workshop feeling grounded, relaxed and renewed. Alissa’s gift of connecting with students through yoga and reiki is so genuine and powerful. Such a treat!’ – Robyn Bishop
‘My first Reiki session with Alissa opened my mind to the possibilities of energy flow. The meditation aspect of it cleared my daily subconscious thoughts and brought me into the present. The exchange of energy soothed emotional tension and stress. Reiki helps me clear out and focus on intention.’ – Edward Shaughnessy.