Weekly Updates: October 10 – 16

by Nicci Randall in Fitness

This week, y’all stayed motivated to get on the mat (and trails) throughout a very busy week and even a big drop in temperature. While we’re all about pushing ourselves and each other to find the edge and even that yoga breakthrough, we also believe that balance is necessary to stay motivated. This week we watched you all push yourselves hard on the mat, but also slow things down with more mellow flows and all the stretches.

Trail time
On Saturday, the Flex & Flow runners got back on the trails for the first time in a long time. It’s so great to balance out road runs with trail runs to change up the scenery and to challenge our muscles and minds in different ways.

This weekend, we’re back on the trails. Meet us at the studio at 6:30 AM at the studio or 7:00 AM at the Thurman Rd. trailhead for 4-6 miles on Holman Lane. All paces and distances are welcome – come hang out on the trails with us!

All about the hips and hamstrings 
Between all the running, HIIT & Flow, and Shakti squat holds, everyone was all about the hip and hamstring stretches.

All the weekend long, classes were heavy on the splits variations and pigeon poses. This didn’t make the practice ‘easier’, but it felt good to slow down and balance out all of the muscle work we’ve been crushing.

Does anyone else want to hang out in pigeon pose, all day?!

Sweat, sip and slow it all down.
This Sunday we have two events that you don’t want to miss out on! First, we’ll get our flow on with Liz at IBU Public House for Yoga + Beer. We’ll meet at IBU and get the mat at 10:30 AM. After yoga, we’ll stay for some beer, cider, or kombucha sips. Spots are limited and it’s only $15 – get your tickets now!

Later that evening, we’ll slow it all down with Slow Flow + Reiki led by Alissa and assisted by Liz. This 2-hour class will start with a slow and warming Hatha Yoga class and will lead into a long Savasana with hands-on assists and personal Reiki healing. This special class is $35 and will fill up quickly – get your slow down, self-care ticket now!

All the fun that’s coming up: