The Best Gifts for Sweat-Lovers That Are also on Sale

by Nicci Randall in Fitness

Anyone else still in shock that it’s December?! It became very clear to me that it was the holiday season when, just the other day, I saw my first gift, wrapped in Christmas wrapping paper (dogs in holiday sweaters). No, the gift was neither for me nor was it gifted by me. Unfortunately, I’m not that on top of purchasing holiday presents and tend to scramble at the last minute to grab everything.

If you’re anything like me and you have friends that are loving all the sweaty activities or are looking to get back into them, then this is the holiday gift guide you need to be reading. These gifts are gifts that keep on giving because right now, the best gift to your loved ones (or yourself) is the gift of sweat and good health!


Let’s give some #MYOlove for the holidays.

Photo by: The Fit Cookie

Y’all know our sore bodies are huge fans of myofascial release, but who has the time or dedication to roll around on a tennis ball multiple times a week? That’s why we are coveting the Myobuddy personal massager. This is a high-powered self-massage tool. And by high powered, I mean it’s like the power tool of all at-home massagers. It’s meant to go hard on your sore muscles to break up the tight fascia caused by working out or putting a strain on muscles. Dreams do come true.

Basically, it’s a personal masseuse and it’s on sale! Get $100 off your Myobuddy massager when you use the code SPFF!

The comfiest fitness apparel you’ll ever wear.

I have been living, sweating, teaching, and doing almost everything else I can think of in my new Joules Athletics gear. Last week, I even led a HIIT & Flow workout on Facebook Live in the Tish Tank ($24) and Felicia Leggings ($39) and it totally lived up to my fitness apparel requirements of comfy, flattering, functional, and breathable (I’m a sweaty human). This line is made for women, by women, meaning they understand our different shapes, sizes, and needs. You can’t go wrong with these styles for your sweaty sister!

This line is oh so affordable, but we even have a sale on top of that. Get 15% off at Joules Athletics with the code sweatpinkroules!


Nothing says happy holidays like let’s get sweaty!

Looking to get your friends on the yoga mat next to you? Sweaty dates not only keep you accountable, they’re just plain fun. And then you have another reason to grab a coffee or wine and catch up after class.

Our regular class passes are on sale and you should take advantage of it for all of your holiday shopping. Grab a 5-class pass for $50 (normally $75) or a 10-class pass for $100 (normally $140) and we’ll gift wrap it for you. Yoga is better with friends, so give the gift of sweaty yoga dates to your friends and family this year!

Something for every adventure

I get all my adventure-wear for myself and my boyfriend at prAna. Flannels, yoga pants, coats, run gear – the options at prAna are endless! The styles are so versatile and functional that I can even extend the prAna gift giving to my mom (the fashionista), my dad (businessman and golfer), and my brother (tech industry gamer). Head over to and you’ll see what I mean.

P.S. SHHHH… don’t tell anyone, but there is a big flash sale that we’ll be announcing on Wednesday, December 14, when I go live on Fit Approach’s Facebook page for a special SweatFest event. We’ll be building the strength to invert with prAna, so make sure to tune in next Wednesday, 12/14 at 11 am PST!

Tis the season for self-care.

I think that every season is the season for self-care, but nothing says the holidays like a little (or a lot) of stress. That’s why I stress the importance of taking some time every week (or a few times a week) to do something completely soothing, like relaxing in the tub and doing a facemask. It’s the ultimate spa day without actually leaving your home and you can even do it in under 30 minutes.

Right now, I’m drawn to the Onyx Youth Face Mask. Made with magnets (get my “drawn” joke yet?), this mask literally pulls impurities off your skin and leaves your face feeling moisturized, refreshed, and glowing. It’s a spa treatment in a jar, y’all. When I give myself a much needed mid-week break from all the sweating at Flex & Flow and use this mask, I’m immediately transported into spa-brain mode (it’s a thing). After using it, my skin and I always feel so happy.

It doesn’t take much to transport yourself to spa-brain mode, and right now, when you use the code BEMAGNETIC, you get 20% off the Onyx Youth Face Mask – jump on this deal and make someone’s self-care wishes come true!

Happy Holidays

Above all the gifts, self-care, stress-fighting plans, we already have what we’ve wished for: this community. So thank you for carving out time in your day, especially during this busy time of year, to get on the mat with us and share your energy and positivity with this community. We couldn’t wish for a better group of humans to share this space with!

Happy holidays to all of you from the Flex & Flow tribe!


This post was sponsored by Myobuddy, Joules Athletics, prAna and Onyx Youth. All opinions are my own. I truly appreciate all the brands that support the Sweat Pink community!