A lot of people see that we have a bag of tennis balls in the studio and wonder why the heck we’d need those in a yoga studio. My answer to them is everyone needs tennis balls in their lives. Or lacrosse balls. Or foam rollers.


My go-to explanation for myofascial release, usually given as distraction while my students are writhing in sweet, sweet agony on some balls, is that our muscles are encased by a layer of fascia. As we move, whether we’re summiting a peak or walking from the couch to the fridge during a Netflix binge, we use our muscles. As we use our muscles, those layers of fascia rub together and create blockages. The only way to release those blockages is through friction, a deeper release than stretching could give. So deep tissue massage and body rolling.

As much as I’d like to get massages multiple times a week (who wouldn’t want that?!), that’s just not possible. So body rolling with foam rollers and tennis balls is a way to give myself that fascia release that my sore, tired muscles need.

Intrigued? Join us every third Sunday of every month at 7:15pm for an hour of slow, juicy flow and body rolling with Liz. First up is THIS SUNDAY, January 21st.


Slow flow and MFR (myofascial release) is SO good for your body, but it can also be pretty intense. Take your rest-and-relax to the next level with our next Slow Flow and Reiki workshop with Alissa!

What is Reiki?

Alissa: Reiki is a Japanese healing technique that can enhance relaxation, encourage release, and deepen meditative states. Anyone can access Reiki, but in order to practice/share Reiki one must be attuned by a Master. Reiki is shared by the practitioner using a cupped hands method, or gently resting the hands on the body (no clothing removal required). It is gentle and only requires you show up with an open mind to receive!

What does it feel like?

Alissa: For me Reiki feels like a warm blanket is placed over the areas where the provider’s hands go. Receiving Reiki drops me into my body, and I love tuning into the sensations (tingling and cooling) during a session. After Reiki I often feel magnetic and more clear to go about my business! In as little as 3 months after my yoga teacher training I found a Reiki Master and got certified in Reiki Level I Attunement – and I was ready to start sharing it with others.

“I appreciate that Reiki, like yoga, is for anyone.”

Believe me, it is as luscious as it sounds! The yoga practice is exactly what your body craves, and each student receives both Reiki and a hands-on assist during savasana. Join Alissa on Sunday February 11th from 7-9. This special event is $35. Sign up now as spots are limited and go quickly!


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