About Shannan Carlino

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 10 years. I started practicing with hopes of being able to touch my toes. It turns out there is much more to yoga than being flexible! I kept returning to my mat because yoga provided me with a place to quiet my mind, connect with my breath, and strengthen my muscles. I love that yoga is physically challenging and mentally enlightening.

In 2015, I chose to deepen my practice and completed my 200 hour yoga and 85 hour prenatal teacher training programs with Charm City Yoga. Forever a student, I continue to take courses and I am eternally grateful to my loving teachers for sharing their wisdom with me. I teach to share my passion and knowledge of yoga with others.

Yoga and Baby Bumps

by Shannan Carlino in Fitness

Expecting mothers need mat time, too. Welcome all pregnant moms to the Flex & Flow community! We want you to feel supported and have the right tools, poses, and modifications to use in any of our classes. We are so happy to announce the newest class on our schedule – Prenatal Yoga. Every Sunday, join Shannan Carlino at 3pm for Prenatal Yoga, a class that is aimed to help expecting moms strengthen their muscles, create stability in their joints, and leave with the tools to practice prenatal yoga in any of our yoga classes.   We want this class to …

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