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The latest from our sweaty tribe.

Yoga FTW!

June 26 - July 2 It's July which means long, hot days, and summer adventures are here to stay. At Flex & Flow, we're celebrating the sun with all the sweaty yoga and running. This week, we opened our hips and our hearts (all the backbends, y'all) to energize ourselves and prepare ourselves for summer fun, and closed out the Sweat30 challenge! Y'all went through more stickers than...

The Sweat Party Never Ends

June 19 - June 25 Here we are again flying through another month. But it's so true, that time flies when you're having a sweaty blast. And that's just what we did this week! From trail runs to YogaFest PDX to steamy classes in the studio - we packed it all in this week. Thank YOU for getting on the mat...

We see YOU working hard + having fun!

Weekly Updates: June 6 - June 11 It's almost the middle of June which means we're close to the halfway mark of the Sweat30 challenge. With two and a half challenge boards filled up, it's clear that y'all are in it to win it. And speaking of winning, congrats to Missa, Autumn Rose, and Tricia for winning week one of the...

It’s all in the hips.

There’s no denying the hips are powerful. As the body’s largest joint the hip has the ability to perform 6 types of movement, 21 different muscles influence it, and both hips combined support all of our body weight. It is because of the hips we can walk, sprint, jump, and do the Macarena (aaaahhhhright)! It is also because of the...