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Bodies of Energy

The human body is full of potential. Figuratively, we can aspire to be whoever we want if we have clear direction, focus, and the drive to get from A to Z; physically, we are made up of energetic matter! We are tiny cells vibrating at various speeds to form us into our unique expression of energy, our bodies. I like to remind my students of this often, how incredible and unique and energetic we are…and powerful! We have the power to feel the energy that resides within us, to expand it, release it, and transfer it. I have always felt a strong (somewhat magnetic) connection to other people. I have felt the waves of release when a muscle relaxes (oh the hips!) and I have felt the deep pain of trapped energy due to injury. Through practice we realize we are capable of this higher listening within our bodies and experiencing the sensations that come along with how we use them. That is what yoga ignites within me – it is my tool to get more familiar with myself as an energetic being. Through my yoga practice I have met many forms of energy workers, healers, teachers, and enthusiasts like myself. During my yoga teacher training I was introduced to Reiki: a gentle, non-invasive form of energy healing. BOOM! I was hit with an answer to a deep question for the type of energy I felt around me my whole life. I had to embrace this calling. I was teaching already and attending/subbing at The Breathing Room studio in Cambridge MA, and one day while leaving class I noticed a flier that the owner Justin had put out- he was a Reiki Master and was hosting a Level I Certified Attunement! I had to be there, and it was incredible.

At this point some of you may have never heard of Reiki, but perhaps you strongly feel the layers of energy that surround you and flow through you? Reiki is a technique of energy transfer that assists the body in turning on its natural healing responses. In fewer words… Reiki is a stress reduction technique. To access the Reiki ‘flow’ a person must be attuned by a master, then they can use the Reiki on themselves and others. As a modern day practice Reiki is growing in popularity because ANYONE can become attuned and all benefit. Many nurses, doctors, and more are becoming attuned in order to share Reiki with their patients and deepen their holistic approach to health and healing. Since it is shared, Reiki benefits both the giver and the receiver.

So where did Reiki come from and what does it mean?

Stemming from Japan, the history of Reiki is a bit of a mystery and much of it is lost in translation (which makes it all the more intriguing to me) but it can be credited to three figures: Dr Usui, Horoshi Doi, and Mrs. Hawayo Takata. Through them many clinics were started, they practiced on many people, and helped get Reiki out into the world by attuning other practitioners and masters via their lineage. Reiki itself is two words combined: Rei and Ki. The translation of Rei is fluid and can be likened to the idea of Atman (soul), or the ghost within. Ki is like Prana: it is our non-physical life force. I like to close my eyes and imagine it like the hot steam that rises off a cup of tea and hits my skin, or the cold breeze that slaps me in the face as I leave a class on a cold winter’s night. Ki permeates, and it is always there whether we feel it or not.

Reiki is a practice, and like yoga it can be personal, but it is also meant to be shared with as many who want it and need it. As a teacher my dharma, my mission, is to share my learnings with those that are just as hungry as I am, and even better, to ignite something inside those who haven’t tapped into their potential!


I am excited to share that I am able to offer a class that will blend the two practices of Yoga asana and Reiki together!

On December 11th from 7-9PM come practice with me at Flex & Flow to restore during the busy holiday months! I am offering a warming yoga flow, followed by restorative postures where each student will receive individual attention and Reiki. You will complete the practice with a long savasana with music to relax, receive a full body assist from Jamie King (it is magic if you haven’t had one before!), and I will provide each of you a head, neck, and shoulder Reiki treatment.

Jamie and I will be giving posture assists throughout the flow portion of class. Reiki will combine some gentle touch from my cupped hands, and in some cases I will only need to hover my hands above the body- but please note this class will be very hands on! Whether you want to try something new, would love to learn/experience different hands-on assists, want to restore before the final holiday rush, or just care to come for the savasana… Jamie and I are ready to guide you!

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Sat Nam, in warmth
Alissa Marguerite

In order to assure that every student receives individual Reiki treatment we will have to cap the class at 12 students.
Please sign up early to ensure your space. 
I truly look forward to seeing you there! 



Alissa Paquette

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