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Erin’s Miracle Springtime Elixir

by erinruthe in Fitness, Recipes

Hear ye, hear ye, yogis! Spring time is finally on the horizons! Gather round and and listen close, I’ve got some experience to share with my fellow sweaties. About 3 weeks ago, I injured my leg pretty badly in a soccer game and since have been unable to walk normally, run, play, or join in my most beloved hobbies, yoga and bootcamp! I’m not going to lie, it’s been rough. I felt myself slipping out of my usual wellness routine of flexing, flowing, stretching, and growing. I gotta say, you don’t realize how much you depend on those endorphins until you’ve…

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You’ll LOVE this Smoothie

by erinruthe in Recipes

Who needs a box of boring ol’ chocolates or chalky hearts with cheesy phrases written on them (LUV U!) for Valentine’s Day when you can make an even more decadent, delicious (and healthy too!) treat for your Valentine’s plans? Give this dark chocolate & coffee smoothie a try! One scoop of Manitoba Harvest Hemp Pro70 Chocolate Protein One banana 1/2 cup cold brew coffee 1/2 cup coconut milk 1 tsp vanilla extract 1 tbsp almond butter approx 5 ice cubes Speaking of smooth moves, show off yours when you join us for class this Valentine’s Day. Bring a friend for FREE!

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Sugar Cookie Smoothie Recipe

by jamie in Recipes

sugar cookie smoothie

While I don’t normally eat cookies for breakfast, I have been known to scarf down a few before running an ultra-marathon or before heading out on some other wild, outdoor adventures. In these instances, my go to breakfast cookies are always a sugar cookie or snickerdoodle. Hand’s down. No contest. The best pre-race, long run, long outdoor adventure fuel…especially when paired with a cup of coffee. All that said, I try not to get in the habit of eating cookies for breakfast on the regular. But if you’re like me and love the taste of a good sugar cookie (or…

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Vegan Mighty Nut peanut butter cookies

by jamie in Recipes

Y’all know I love my peanut butter. In fact, some of you (ahem, Liz) have called me out on my peanut butter addiction. And lately, I’ve been really into peanut butter, like way more than usual, which I know is hard to believe. I was craving peanut butter in a big way this weekend (shocker) – maybe I can blame it on the long week and tough workouts – but whatever the reason, I decided it was time to make some vegan peanut butter cookies using Peanut Butter & Co’s newest powdered peanut butter, Mighty Nut. And they are delicious. If you’re craving…

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