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    January 11 @ 7:00 am - January 25 @ 8:30 am
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    January 14 @ 8:00 am - February 19 @ 5:00 pm

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Bodies of Energy

by Alissa Paquette in Fitness, Teacher Feature, Workshops, Yoga

The human body is full of potential. Figuratively, we can aspire to be whoever we want if we have clear direction, focus, and the drive to get from A to Z; physically, we are made up of energetic matter! We are tiny cells vibrating at various speeds to form us into our unique expression of energy, our bodies. I like to remind my students of this often, how incredible and unique and energetic we are…and powerful! We have the power to feel the energy that resides within us, to expand it, release it, and transfer it. I have always felt…

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Handstand Love! Workshop

by Liz in Fitness, Teacher Feature, Workshops, Yoga

Our instructor Daniel McIntire (IG: @dmacyoga) is hosting his first career workshop at Flex & Flow! He is so excited to bring all his experience and learning from his handstand journey to you! Join us on Sunday November 6th, from  11am – 12:30pm for Handstand LOVE with Daniel! There is no better place that Daniel can think of to host this workshop than at Flex & Flow. The workshop is called Handstand LOVE!, named after his eBook! It will cover the eBook in-depth so that you can elevate your handstands no matter what level you are at right now. This…

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We Love YOU, Jamie King! HBD!

by Nicci Randall in Fitness, Teacher Feature, Yoga

On this day, we are here to recognize and celebrate the birth of this awesome human being,  Jamie King, who created the amazing space and community that is Flex & Flow! So let’s chat about this person for a bit and why we love her so much! And don’t forget to wish her a big ole Happy Birthday as she yogas it up in Bali. Jamie King is a different kind of being, and we love her for it. She’s kind, goofy, loving, and a magnetic person you just want to be around as much as possible. If you’re newer to…

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Work It on Wednesday with Daniel

by Liz in Teacher Feature, Yoga

Hope you’re enjoying the last week of September, yogis! Mark your calendars for this Wednesday’s Community Yoga Class with Daniel at 4:15! Did you know this about Daniel? “I have a passion for making the thinnest crepes possible. I learned from my Norwegian grandmother how to make the perfect crepe. Secret tip…more butter!” Alrighty Daniel, when are you making us brunch?! 😉 [bctt tweet=”Crepes AND #yoga? Yes, Daniel, yes! Love the #flexandflow #community! #flexandflowyoga #pdxyoga” username=”@flexandflowyoga”] Drop-in classes are only $8! Sign up for class here, and we’ll see you there!

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Gettin’ Groovy with Daniel and Lindsey

by Liz in Fitness, Teacher Feature, Yoga

Happy Monday, yogis! If you’re like me, you’re sipping your Monday morning coffee and trying to get a handle on your week’s schedule. Here are two AWESOME yoga classes to add onto your sweat schedule! Monday September 19 at 4:15pm with Daniel Outside of yoga, Daniel has a passion for social media! Along with teaching yoga, he sells Snapchat geofilter’s to businesses who have upcoming events. One day he hopes to be able to travel the world with only his laptop and make money through an online business. Wednesday September 21 at 4:15pm with Lindsey Lindsey JUST discovered Salt &…

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