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Class Descriptions

Our classes come with a side of the three Cs: Cardio, Conditioning, and Community.

Classes are open to all levels. If you’re new to yoga, we recommend starting with our Align + Refine Class.


Power Vinyasa

Strength training, Yoga

Amped up Vinyasa Flow class that prepares you for more advanced yoga postures. Expect a more rigorous flow, a lot of sweat, core exercises like cray, and maybe even the chance to fly! 

Prior yoga experience is recommended but not required.


Vinyasa Flow


All levels, vinyasa flow class that connects movement to breath. A practice that creates a balance between quick movement and steady pose holds. Each class offers a unique combination of poses, designed by our amazing instructors. Expect to sweat and connect with your breath.

No prior yoga experience is necessary for this class.


HIIT & Flow

Strength training, Yoga

All levels, mat-based fitness class that combines yoga warm up and cool down with strength and conditioning programming. Students will explore unparalleled strengthening exercises and experience a full-body training session that will take your muscles out of their comfort zone, increase your strength, and enhance your flexibility and stamina – resulting in a sweat dripping session!

All levels welcome!

HIIT & Flow Plus

Strength training, Yoga

Amped up HIIT & Flow class that adds sweaty bootcamp style circuit workouts for a fun, total body workout. Come for the challenge and the sweat, leave feeling strong! 

All levels welcome!

Flight Club

Strength training, Yoga

The first rule of Flight Club is to come with an open mind. No matter where you are in your practice, Flight Club is the perfect way to explore inversions and advanced transitions.

Flight Club classes incorporate and build awareness of the strength, stability, and focus developed in our yoga practice to help you fly, balance, and maybe even levitate. 

Class format varies week to week: sometimes we’ll work on strengthening movements and drills to break down an advanced posture, and sometimes we’ll dynamically flow for the length of the class while learning to incorporate inversions and arm balances throughout.  Like all of our classes, this class is open to all levels but we strongly encourage Flight Club students to have a strong yoga foundation.

Prior yoga experience is recommended but not required.

Flow + Chill


Challenge and restore. This class combines a warming and strong vinyasa practice with a chilled out flow. Work hard, recover harder. 

No prior yoga experience is necessary for this class.



Come and chill. Restore and recover with this gentle, relaxing class. We will progressively release areas of the body that tend to get tight and immobile from athletic activity (or just daily life!). 

Focusing on points like the hips, hip flexors, hamstrings, lower back, and shoulders, this class will keep you mobile and comfortable so you can continue to participate in the activities you love injury free. This is our most gentle and slow paced practice, and a great option for yoga newbies! 

No prior yoga experience is necessary for this class.

Align + Refine


All levels class – great for yogis who want to get back to basics and work on alignment – and perfect for those just starting out with yoga! Learn the fundamentals, including proper alignment of postures, and begin your yoga journey on the right foot.

This entry-level class will introduce foundational yoga poses and concepts in a series of simple flows with plenty of explanation of alignment and modifications. This is the perfect class for a beginner yogi looking to learn the key foundations of Vinyasa flow based classes so they can then feel prepared to step on the mat at any class at Flex & Flow!

No prior yoga experience is necessary for this class.

Flex & Flow Run Club - Portland

Run Club

Trail running

Come get your run on! We meet every Saturday starting at 6:40 am (for trail runs) OR 7 am (for road runs) at Flex & Flow (1461 N. Skidmore).  We alternate road runs and trail runs every week, and carpool or caravan to the trailhead. This an all levels, paces, and distances run club. We typically run anywhere from 3-7 miles and you are welcome to partake in any and all!

Make sure to join the Flex & Flow Runner Facebook Group to meet the runners, get updates on weekly runs, and more!

This is open to all levels – walkers, joggers, runners, hikers!


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Saturday Sweat

Strength training

Saturday Sweat is a FREE community bootcamp class that is a perfect blend of conditioning, cardio, and community that focus on having fun while getting your sweat on. Expect circuit workouts, bodyweight resistance movements, cardio drills, core work, and all the sweaty fun! 

All levels welcome!

Little Yogis


Yoga and tumbling playtime with your kids! Kids! Bring your grownups for fun yoga & tumbling classes. (Your parents, nannies, fun uncles, and any other responsible grownups are all welcome).

Kids and grownups will learn yoga poses, safe tumbling, and songs and games to play together.


Community Love <3

Flex & Flow's HIIT & Flow class is one of the only places on earth I can simultaneously feel like my legs are on fire and have a total blast. I can always count on class being both challenging and fun, and I love that the low-impact cardio and strength-building routine is accessible to people of all fitness levels. Thank you to the instructors for bringing your fierce energy to these classes and helping me leave the studio stronger every time!

Lauren Thomas

I came to yoga as a long distance runner who did almost no strength training at all. I could barely do a single push up. HIIT & Flow classes were a much more approachable kind of strength training for me and I feel so much stronger and more balanced than I ever did from going to the gym. Flex & Flow classes have made me really value a more total body workout and I feel less injury prone, stronger, faster, and committed to an exercise routine beyond just running. I also really appreciate the supportive and community oriented environment, it makes me want to work harder and go more often!

Heather Buletti

The Flex & Flow yoga studio has a great lineup of regularly scheduled classes available to choose from and I appreciate how they mix things up with some different workshops and special events. The instructors are super friendly and inviting, extremely knowledgeable, inspiring, and are consistently beaming with joyfulness and gratitude that always brightens my day and leaves me looking forward to the next class!

Chad Alexander

Flex & Flow has become my second home. It is helping me transform my practice––all thanks to the variety of vinyasa classes and cross-training. On days when I don't feel I have it in me to get on the mat the F&F community inspires me, and reminds me to come as I am and to sweat it out. The F&F community embraces and empowers me each day. It's a space that has transcended the label "yoga studio," it’s so much more than that.

Amber Koski

At Flex and Flow you learn to build a relationship with mind and body. The instructors care greatly for their students and help support their individual goals. The environment is motivating and full of positive energy!

Jared Blank

One thing I can guarantee is that you won’t leave wondering if you could have pushed yourself harder.


It's where I want to be, every day, all day. It's so welcoming and friendly!


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