Flex & Flow HIIT & Flow Teacher Training

At Flex & Flow, we offer a 15-hour, intensive HIIT & Flow training that will teach you the moves, sequences, and benefits of HIIT & Flow as well as prepare you to teach HIIT & Flow classes.

This training is perfect for anyone looking to enhance their personal training practice or to teach HIIT & Flow classes!

HIIT & Flow Teacher Training takes place at Flex & Flow in Portland, OR. You’ll come away inspired, empowered, and ready to bring this heart-pumping, toning workout to your students.

Our HIIT & Flow Master Trainers also travel to other studios to lead teacher trainings. To inquire about bringing a HIIT & Flow training to your studio, please shoot us an email at hi@flexandflowyoga.com.

“When walking into HIIT training, I knew I was going to get a wealth of technical knowledge and tools that would help me be a better teacher. I didn’t expect that I would have the opportunity to learn so much about myself, and gain knowledge that I could carry inside and outside of the yoga studio. I’m so happy I gave myself the freedom and opportunity to learn, sweat, and challenge myself to something new.” – Tasha Henderson, spring 2017 teacher training. 
Read more about Tasha’s teacher training experience and find out what you’ll really learn at HIIT & Flow Teacher Training.


“HIIT & Flow teacher training is a great way to expand your teaching skills, yoga practice, and overall fitness! I learned a TON from the Flex & Flow team and came out of the training excited to share HIIT with the fitness community. Plus, the weekend was super fun—we got really sweaty and shared a lot of laughs. Can’t wait to meet the next round of teachers!” – Robyn Bishop, spring 2017 teacher training.

“In true Flex & Flow fashion, HIIT & Flow teacher training was so so sweaty and so much fun! I was really new to HIIT & Flow when I attended the teacher training, but everything was broken down perfectly and everyone was so supportive that I didn’t feel overwhelmed or lost. If you’re looking to teach HIIT & Flow or deepen your practice, I’d highly recommend it!” – Vanessa Lange, spring 2017 teacher training.

By taking the Teacher Training, I learned that I can handle intense training (and exercise) because I’m stronger than I think. I also learned that I do like teaching, and I’m looking forward to the next steps in the process so that I can become an official member of the Flex and Flow teaching tribe. Oh, and the training was not only intense, but it was also a ton of fun. – Barbara Rodriguez, spring 2017 Teacher Training.