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Tasha Henderson


I’m an avid trail runner, yogi, and bootcamp enthusiast. I learned about the importance of

incorporating a balanced fitness routine into my life after successfully losing 40 pounds.

Bootcamps are my favorite type of work out because they are fun, fast-paced, and a totally

efficient way to get a full body sweat on.

I love sweating with Flex and Flow because its all about community: whether its having

someone to get me out of bed for that Saturday morning run club or to encourage me to try a

new yoga pose, this group keeps me inspired and motivated.

When I’m not bootcampin’ it up you can find me in Forest Park on a trail run, eating peanut

butter straight from the jar, skiing at Mt Hood, drinking all the coffee, hiking and camping in the

beautiful PNW outdoors, cooking a big meal for my friends and family, or playing “tennis”

(throwing a tennis ball) with my dog Grimm.

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