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It’s all in the hips.

There’s no denying the hips are powerful. As the body’s largest joint the hip has the ability to perform 6 types of movement, 21 different muscles influence it, and both hips combined support all of our body weight. It is because of the hips we can walk, sprint, jump, and do the Macarena (aaaahhhhright)! It is also because of the hips we can sit down after a long day out and let out a sigh of relief.

My definition of ‘a healthy body’ is simply one that moves often, and this scope of thought can be applied to our individual muscles and joints as well. Healthy hips are hips that move daily and dynamically to ensure their range of motion is explored in the joints to keep them feeling free.

During vinyasa yoga, we strengthen the physical body by moving muscles through their range of motion so they do not lose mobility or length. As an avid learner and body explorer, I’ve pondered over the hips, and I am not surprised hip openers are of the most requested themes in yoga classes.

Join me for a Powerful Hips Workshop on Saturday, June 30 from 1:30-3:30 PM. Let’s explore the hip joint structure to deepen our understanding of how they work. We will then combine mobility exercises and yoga postures to activate and open; preparing us to access variations of powerful asanas like Compass and Bird of Paradise. As a firm believer in wisdom through practice, I encourage all levels to come on this hip exploration!

This workshop is $35 and we welcome any and all levels. Join us as we get all up into the hips!

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Alissa Paquette

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