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Teacher Spotlight: Robyn Bishop!

If you’ve gotten on the mat with HIIT & Flow instructor, Robyn, then you know the power behind this sweet human. Taking from her athletic background, she packs a sweaty punch in every class she teaches, leaving our legs feeling like Jell-O, our clothes drenched in sweat, and our endorphins out the roof. Her tunes, energy, and sequences are the bomb, and not to mention her rocking personality makes it so fun to take her classes!

Keep reading to learn more about Robyn, aka YogaBish, and make sure you hop into one of her classes this week!

Yoga with Robyn

I first discovered yoga in college—I was playing lacrosse, riding on the equestrian team, and going to the beach nearly every day. I was going, going, going all the time and remember thinking yoga was “nice,” but not really for me. It wasn’t until I moved to San Francisco and later, to Portland that my yoga practice became a daily routine and an integral part of my life.

In 2015, I started law school at Lewis & Clark and began attending Liz’s(shoutout!) classes regularly. My yoga practice really deepened as I experienced the stresses of going back to school and being in a new city. I found a new sense of balance on the mat—it became my happy place and something I looked forward to every day. When I found Flex & Flow, yoga and running became so much more than just a practice to me—it’s not only yoga and fitness, but also where I get to be with some of my closest friends. It’s just the best.

For the love of teaching

My first class at Flex & Flow was a HIIT & Flow class with Jamie. I DIED, was so sore, and then I couldn’t wait to come back! I completed the HIIT & Flow teacher training in April 2017 and have been having a blast kickin’ booties ever since.

Fave Pose?

At the moment, HANDSTAND! It’s so fun and SO challenging. Plus, that rush of energy…you just can’t beat it. It’s a great strength builder, party trick, and just generally a good time.

On the mat with Robyn

You have plenty of chances to get your HIIT & Flow on with Robyn:

  • Friday, July 27 at 7:30 AM
  • Saturday Sweat; Saturday, July 28 at 8:30 AM
  • Monday, July 30 at 7:30 AM
  • Wednesday, August 1 at 6:45 PM
  • Friday, August 3 at 7:30 AM

Check the schedule for all of Robyn’s classes. And don’t forget, HIIT & Flow classes are free in the month of July!

Get your Saturday Sweat on with Robyn

HIIT & Flow Teacher Training: September 23-30

Teaching HIIT & Flow is more than just providing a great workout; it’s also about joining an amazing tribe of fitness professionals, athletes, and yogis, who share a common goal of building relationships and creating a welcoming, inspiring atmosphere while we sweat. Join us for our upcoming teacher training and become a part of our sweaty tribe!




Nicci Randall

Nicci city-hopped until she landed in Portland, practicing yoga all along the way since 2007. She completed her 200 hr teacher training with YogaWorks in 2015, under Dani Ibarra and Risa Albertson. She teaches to challenge and inspire, with a well sequenced Vinyasa practice and a love for core and arm balances!

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