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Our Sweaty Team

Our magnetic instructors and amazing community are Flex & Flow’s secret sauce. Meet the sweaty team who supports us, coaches us and pushes us to reach our personal bests—whether on the mat, the trails, or through that next mountain climber. We sweat, laugh, play, and grow, together.


Jamie King

Lifelong athlete Jamie King founded Flex & Flow Yoga to help others embrace their inner athlete and find joy in movement, sweat, and community. She is a 500 hour RYT yoga instructor, competitive ultra runner, snowboarder and former tennis player, Jamie is no stranger to a good sweat session or tough workout. She believes in challenging herself and others to be the best version of themselves and builds people up through community, movement, laughter and friendship.

Jamie also created the popular, heart pumping, body toning HIIT & Flow workout and leads teacher trainings throughout the year. Lastly, Jamie is one of the founders of Fit Approach, a popular online fitness community where bloggers, brands and fitness enthusiasts come together over their love for sweat.

When she’s not dripping with sweat, you can usually find her throwing a ball for her dog (Abbie), hanging out at the park with her son, or exploring all of the great restaurants, and beautiful outdoors in the PNW.

Nicci Randall

After city hopping from coast to coast, Nicci has finally found her home in Portland! The perk to city hopping was the immense exposure to different yoga teachers and styles, and she brings that and more to her classes. She found her practice in Athens, Georgia, in 2007, and by the time she made it to Los Angeles in 2012,  she was ready to dedicate her self to the practice. Under the mentorship of Dani Ibarra and Risa Albertson, Nicci completed 200 hours of teacher training at YogaWorks in 2015. Later in the year, she picked up and moved to Portland, inspired to teach and share everything she could!

Nicci teaches Power Vinyasa, HIIT & Flow and Active Restoration at Flex & Flow.  Her goal is to teach and guide students in a practice that connects breath and movement in a direct and fluid manner, in order to create strength, balance, and ease in the body and the mind. She has a love for working the core as well as different muscles of the body to prepare for the more challenging poses of arm balances and inversions. Nicci’s classes are built around a theme or pose and can be accommodated to all levels, so come one and come all for a sweaty, fun flow, that will be sure to leave you feeling good!

Nicci is honored to be a part of the Flex and Flow community and hopes you can join the team in the studio or on the trails as much as possible. This community is fun-loving, open to everyone, and will always provide a good, sweaty time! See you on the mat!

Alissa Paquette

Recently transplanted from Boston MA, Alissa Paquette has taken yoga classes since her junior year of high school, but it wasn’t until she was 26 that she truly found Yoga when she needed it most. Practicing consistently since 2012, yoga has enriched her life and helped her live with less stress while working full time as a Research Scientist in MA. Through the study of Ahimsa (non-harm) Alissa realized her own inner potential and decided to share with others; she received her 200 YTT in April 2014 from Inner Strength Studios in Watertown MA under the guidance of Roman Szpond and Lauren Star. Alissa’s classes aim to challenge the student physically and mentally, while creating a safe space to nurture and grow love for the self and fuel appreciation of body. Alissa believes that happiness is simply a by-product of living in love with the self, being mindful of your actions, and kind in your ways.

In June 2014 Alissa received her Reiki I attunement from Master Reiki Justin Bernhold (Cambridge MA) and is available for private Reiki healing; she also has a Kids Yoga Certification from Flow and Grow Kids Yoga with Lara Hocheiser.

When Alissa is not teaching or practicing she is dancing, exploring Portland, drinking tea, hula hooping, reading/writing, and looking for dogs to pet!

Ruby LaBrusciano-Carris

Ruby fell in love with movement practices as a young ballet dancer, when she was first exposed to yoga as a tool for cross-training and mindfulness. Over the years, the amazing yoga communities in Vermont helped to strengthen and guide her practice, and in 2018 she completed her 200-hr certification with Chrissy Lefavour of Grateful Yoga before moving to Portland.

By combining elements of contemporary dance and yoga, Ruby’s classes use heat-building, flow, and breath-work to find grace, strength, and stability. Her instruction in the studio focuses on simplicity, creativity, and building a warm and welcoming environment for students of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities. Off the mat, you can find her on long backpacking trips in the woods, rustling through thrift stores, and meditating on what to eat for lunch.

Maria Villegas

Maria Villegas, 200 RYT

Maria started practicing yoga in 2006. While the physical practice got her hooked, Maria later discovered true power of yoga is in its healing properties, the discovery of self, and the quieting of the mind.

Maria was guided through her 200 RYT by Jaime Scates Schmitz, founder of Freedom Seeker Yoga (FSY) in Seattle, which is also where Maria got her start in teaching. Jaime and her experiences at FSY taught Maria how equally freeing it can be to fly on your hands or sit in the quietness of your own space. Moving to Portland in 2016, Maria has enjoyed exploring the Portland yoga scene (as well as food carts and breweries). Finding Flex & Flow was like coming home – to the type of home where both handstands and a-middle-of-class savasana is always welcome. Maria is committed to honoring the roots of traditional yoga (maybe complemented by a hip-hop playlist from time to time).

Outside of the studio, Maria is a social worker. Besides spontaneously doing yoga on the street, she also likes to snowboard, run, and attempts to surf. She equally enjoys sleeping in and lazy Sundays.

Jess Sommers

Jess started practicing yoga in Chicago nine years ago, finding it a challenging, rewarding, and humbling way to find release both physically and mentally. For her, the best part of yoga asana is allowing people the space to move and breathe in an effort to get out of their head, even if just for a few moments. Besides being a yoga teacher and forever student, Jess enjoys all things outdoors, whether that’s hiking, cross-country skiing, or reading on the beach.

Kushlani DeSoyza

Kushlani has practiced yoga since 2001, when it was introduced to her as a tool for injury prevention and mindfulness for the varsity rowers she coached at the University of Virginia. Since then her practice and life have ebbed and flowed, primarily studying the Mysore style of Ashtanga yoga, completing her 200-hour yoga teacher training with Indu Bhardwaj in Cincinnati, Ohio, and moving to Oregon — eventually teaching feminist theory and gender studies at a community college. In Portland, she also studies Mysore with Ashtanga teacher Jason Stein.

Her classes are influenced by Ashtanga’s primary series. This set of standing and seated postures lengthen and strengthen the muscles along the back body and core while focusing on alignment, injury prevention, and body awareness. She welcomes practitioners of all levels, backgrounds, and body types because any class can be as vigorous or as restorative as the student desires.

In her past lives, Kushlani has worked as a newspaper and radio journalist, a high school English teacher, and a high school and collegiate rowing coach. She once was a regular runner and completed a few marathons (slowly), but lately yoga, cooking, and making earrings are her main hobbies. Always a student, you’ll likely see her taking lots of classes from her fellow teachers at Flex and Flow!

Alexis Johnson

Alexis fell in love with yoga in the spring of 2011, and has been enjoying the yoga journey ever since. She completed 200-hour teacher training with CorePower in 2012, and several other trainings with CorePower over the years, and is glad to have landed her mat alongside friendly and powerful friends at Flex & Flow. Outside of her main squeeze of yoga, Alexis loves jokes, the outdoors, technology, games, and her pup, Woof.

Tracy Subisak

Tracy aims to create a lighthearted space for discovery in her classes. She is jazzed about anatomy and fascia, and focuses on providing tools to condition and release the body and mind from everyday stress. Since her early 20s, Tracy has encountered chronic upper body pain, trauma, and grief. She is consistently in awe and gratitude for the ways yoga has helped her heal and grow. Everyone is on their own journey, and awareness, acceptance, and involvement with positive communities like Flex and Flow can help one pave their own path! Come practice with Tracy!
In 2018, Tracy completed her RYT 200 yoga teacher training guided by Julia Gavin. Tracy also earned her HIIT and Flow teacher training and advanced training certifications with Flex and Flow. She continues to learn meditation and yoga techniques through awesome humans like Tara Brach and Emily Light.
Besides teaching yoga, Tracy illustrates and writes children’s books and designs visual strategies for companies. She has an affinity for adventures big and small, loves pickles, and enjoys being a silly human with her pals.

Vanessa Lange

Vanessa moved to Portland from Singapore in 2016 and holds a Bachelors in Physiotherapy from the University of Newcastle, Australia. She started practicing yoga 4 years ago, and though it was not love at first Downward Dog or Chaturanga, she slowly fell in love with the practice as it was the perfect union of strength, flexibility, and breath. Inspired by her younger Sister, who is a yoga teacher, she completed her 200hr yoga teacher training at The Yoga Mandala in Singapore. Vanessa loves incorporating arm balance and inversions in her practice, and with her background in anatomy, injury prevention and management, she is a firm believer in the importance of basic techniques and alignment to achieve poses safely.

Robyn Bishop

Robyn grew up in San Diego, California and went to college at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo where she was a member of the lacrosse and equestrian teams. After college, she moved to San Francisco to pursue a career in the wine industry and a few years later decided to attend law school, which brought her to PDX in 2015. She is currently studying business law at Lewis & Clark Law School and graduates in May 2018. Robyn’s passion for yoga started when she was living in San Francisco, where she would often meet her sister for an after work sweat. Once she moved to Portland she began to practice regularly, mixing yoga in with her running and other gym routines. When she found Flex & Flow in 2016 she knew it was love at first sight! Instantly she fell in love with the workouts, the community, and all the sweaty good times. In May 2017, she completed the Flex & Flow HIIT yoga teacher training and is excited to make the transition from student to teacher. Robyn also loves power vinyasa, running, hiking, paddle boarding, snowboarding, horseback riding, camping, and anything else in the great outdoors.

Josephine Woolington

Josephine is a yogi and musician who enjoys helping others develop a lifelong love of yoga and music.

Josephine has practiced yoga for eight years. She earned her 200-hour yoga teaching certificate in 2015 in Eugene, Ore. and has since been teaching in her hometown of Portland. She also earned her prenatal teaching certificate in 2015 at Yoga Shala of Portland.

Her classes combine meditation with a breath-centric vinyasa flow to help students go about their days with a clearer mind and stronger body. She hopes to help students develop a deeper mind-body connection and, eventually, a better sense of self through the asana practice. She warmly welcomes students of all levels and body types.

In addition to yoga, Josephine also teaches private piano and voice lessons at Ethos  Music Center in North Portland.

Come flow with her!

Elizabeth Wilson

Liz grew up in Asheville, NC (namaste y’all!), and went to the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Here she fell in love with yoga at a Baptiste power yoga studio, Franklin St Yoga Center, where the unofficial motto was, “the sweatier the better.” She postponed law school after graduation to do as her hippie lawyer father recommended: travel and have fun. She completed her 220-hour teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center and moved west. After three and a half years ski bumming and teaching yoga in the mountains of Colorado, Liz moved to Portland in March 2015. She loves photography and being active, so connecting with Sweat Pink and working as the Social Media Manager  and now Flex & Flow studio manager is a perfect fit! (aka, she LOVES Instagram!). She also loves running, skiing, hiking, surfing, vinyasa-ing, handstanding, traveling, and drinking wine and coffee with girlfriends! She’s also up for a #stopdropandyoga session. Anytime. Anywhere.

Gerald Scrutchions (Scrutch)

Gerald Scrutchions aka Scrutch found yoga in 2016. He quickly became passionate, invigorated by the uplifting energy provided through daily asana practice. He is currently a 300 RYT. Scrutch’s classes are designed to promote physical and mental strength. He believes every individual has an ability to push themselves just a bit further, into a space where growth is attained. He implements his experience from physical conditioning undergone while training and competing in Muay Thai kickboxing. When he is not teaching and practicing yoga, Scrutch teaches seventh grade World Studies, enjoys trail running/conditioning, and traveling with friends and family.

Sarah Diedrick

Sarah Diedrick teaches from the belief that yoga is a way to access the ecstatic and inspiring qualities of life. Her style is strong, alignment-based vinyasa infused with playful flavors, and focused on moving with the rhythm of the breath. Sarah hopes to empower her students by sharing tools and insights that can be woven into life both on and off the mat. Through precise alignment cues, intentional sequencing and philosophical themes, Sarah hopes to direct each student toward the incredible potential of their own Self.
Sarah has completed two 200-hour trainings with Amy Ippoliti and Paula Tursi, and has continued to study with and assist her mentor, Amy Ippoliti. She trained with Judith Hanson Lasater to receive her restorative yoga teaching certification. Sarah has had the pleasure of studying Tantric philosophy with teachers such as Douglas Brooks and Bill Mahony.

Dallas Scruggs

Dallas is originally from Alabama but in 2016, he moved to Portland from Virginia Beach where he was stationed in the Navy. Dallas began practicing yoga in July of 2017 and by September of 2017 found himself in a 200-hour Teacher Training at The Yoga Space in Portland, OR.  What Dallas loves the most about yoga is the calming effects of focusing on the breath and connecting that breath with the body in movement.

In his free time, Dallas is most likely playing guitar jamming out to his own loops or dropping into random yoga studios for their hot classes– he is a full-on hot yoga junkie!

Sophia Giebultowicz

Sophia teaches a practice that emphasizes strength, compassion, and self-awareness, encouraging her students to trust their inner wisdom as they build physical and mental resilience. What she loves most about yoga is that it has taught her to let go of trying to control everything, and to be okay with whatever curve-balls life throws. Originally from Oregon, Sophia spent several years in North Carolina for graduate school and discovered yoga in the meantime, which pretty much changed the course of her life forever. She completed her RYT-200 in 2011 and taught yoga, barre, and fitness classes on the east coast for over three years. In August 2015, Sophia moved back to the best coast and ended up in Portland, a city she always had a huge crush on. Sophia works as a researcher in public health by day, and also teaches yoga as a volunteer to vulnerable populations in rehab facilities and correctional institutions. She also loves backpacking and hiking, trying new restaurants, cooking for friends, checking the weather forecast obsessively, bouldering, improv comedy games, and working on her handstand!

Bianca Whiteside

Oi gente ( Hi everyone :] ). Bianca hails from Brazil, São Paulo and is one of our lead kids yoga instructors and an aspiring 200-hour yoga instructor (she is joining us this spring for teacher training in Nicaragua!).
After graduating with a business management degree in 2014, Bianca moved to America as part of an au pair program with the goal of improving her English language skills. She began her journey in Los Angeles and then eventually made her way up to Portland where she met her husband, and decided to make Portland a more permanent home. She started working for Jamie (Flex & Flow’s owner), as a nanny in 2018, and began assisting Jamie with Flex & Flow signature kids yoga program, Little Yogis. From there, her own personal yoga practice really began – starting with a 108 sun salutations class – and she found herself falling deeper in love with the way yoga made her feel and experience the world around her. Bianca’s growing love for yoga, coupled with her special ability to communicate and hold space for kids has made her instrumental in growing Flex & Flow’s Little Yogis program, and she is excited to eventually hold space and spread her love for yoga with all ages. Outside of yoga, Bianca loves the outdoors, hiking, workout out, reading, traveling, and trying new foods!

Barbara Rodriguez

Barbara is a native Portlander who has been practicing yoga for five years after being immediately hooked upon taking her first class. Her affinity for HIIT & Flow wasn’t quite as instant, but she has grown to love the feelings of accomplishment and strength that it provides. She enjoys her time on the mat because it allows her to quiet her mind while doing something good for her body.

She joined the Flex and Flow community in May 2016 and has been a regular at the studio ever since. She took the HIIT & Flow Teacher Training in Spring 2017 and has had fun making the transition from student to teacher. When she’s not hanging out at the studio, she enjoys hiking, camping and snowshoeing in the beautiful Pacific NW.

Scott Light

Scott is from Pacific Grove, California and has been here in Portland for 3 years. He is a part of teamEXOS working as a Performance Coach at Adidas. Scott has been coaching since 2011 and found a true passion in helping the corporate environment to relieve stress and break away from their busy lives for a good workout.

Scott loves a good mental and physical challenge and enjoys pushing his body and mind in the gym and on the trails. He believes that a positive mindset is the key to success in work and life!
Most of his free time is spent with his yellow lab, Millie. In the winter you’ll find him on the mountain with a board under his feet and in the summer camping and backpacking. Throughout the year he enjoys practicing yoga, playing golf, pick up basketball, and rock climbing at the local gyms.

Shannan Carlino

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 12 years. I started practicing with simply hoping to be able to touch my toes.  It turns out there is much more to yoga than being flexible! I keep returning to my mat because yoga provides me with a place to quiet my mind, connect with my breath, and strengthen my muscles.  I love that yoga is physically challenging and mentally enlightening. When I’m not on the yoga mat you can find me outside exploring new trails, cooking, painting or just chilling out. Looking forward to seeing you in class!

Tasha Henderson

I’m an avid trail runner, yogi, and bootcamp enthusiast. I learned about the importance of incorporating a balanced fitness routine into my life after successfully losing 40 pounds. Bootcamps are my favorite type of work out because they are fun, fast-paced, and a totally efficient way to get a full body sweat on. I love sweating with Flex and Flow because its all about community: whether its having someone to get me out of bed for that Saturday morning run club or to encourage me to try a new yoga pose, this group keeps me inspired and motivated.

When I’m not bootcampin’ it up you can find me in Forest Park on a trail run, eating peanut butter straight from the jar, skiing at Mt Hood, drinking all the coffee, hiking and camping in the beautiful PNW outdoors, cooking a big meal for my friends and family, or playing “tennis” (throwing a tennis ball) with my dog Grimm.

Kate Sydney

Known as Dr. Kate around the office, Kate is adjunct faculty at East West School of Massage where she teaches Anatomy & Physiology.  She is the co-owner of a local, herbal beverage company called Doctor Bird Elixirs.  She also owns a Paleo Cookie delivery business called Morsel Code Cookie Co.  Dr. Kate has special interest in nutrition, homeopathy, western/eastern herbalism, and essential oils.  She believes optimal health is fostered by the tiny little rituals we carve out time for and practice on a daily basis.

Dr. Kate has a bachelor’s degree in communications and theater from Monmouth College in Monmouth, IL and worked in both corporate and broadcast television many years before beginning medical school. In 2015, she graduated with a doctorate in Naturopathic medicine and a Master’s degree in acupuncture and Chinese herbalism from The National University of Natural medicine in Portland, Oregon.

For fun she likes to hike all around the PNW, bake cookies, run, do yoga, and drink embarrassingly expensive tea.  Kate lives in NE Portland with her beloved housemates and elderly diva cat, Pekoe.