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HIIT & Flow Instructor Training and Certification

Teaching HIIT & Flow is more than just providing a great workout; it’s also about joining an amazing tribe of fitness professionals, athletes, yogis, and creative influencers who share a common goal of building relationships and creating a welcoming, inspiring atmosphere while we sweat.


We’re continuously adding new trainings throughout the year. If you don’t see one in your area, subscribe to our email list for updates. You can also bring HIIT & Flow to your studio or gym by hosting a training.

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Opening a new studio, or expanding your group fitness offerings? Bring HIIT & Flow Instructor training to your facility and expand your services in just one weekend. 




  • 1 free training spot for the host
  • Training marketing materials
  • Training manuals
  • Gliders


  • Mats and sound system
  • Minimum 8 participants
  • 16 hours of available studio time


  • $500 flat fee
  • $500 per participant
  • Additional travel fees may apply, depending on your location


HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) & Flow gets your heart pumping and body stretching, helping you tone muscle and build strength. In 60 minutes (or less!), HIIT & Flow provides everything you need from a workout: cardio, strength, and savasana. Flex & Flow HIIT & Flow brings together HIIT & vinyasa yoga to unleash your inner athlete.

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Instructor Training Format

The 20-hour instructor certification includes:

  • Proper body alignment
  • Body positions
  • Structured class outline
  • Music and beat matching
  • Class choreography with variations and modifications
  • Intensity options for all exercises
  • Tips for smooth transitions and cueing techniques
  • Lecture, partner teaching and class participation

Certification Process

Once you have completed HIIT & Flow instructor training program, you will receive immediate access to use the HIIT & Flow name and class description as an instructor or as a studio owner royalty free. HIIT & Flow Instructor Certified status is provided to all of those who complete and pass the test out following the training weekend and suggested practice hours. The test out is submitted via video. There are no fees or continuing education requirements to maintain your certified status.



Should I have an understanding of yoga and high intensity interval training, and more specifically HIIT & Flow, prior to attending an instructor training?

Yes, absolutely! We encourage you to participate in a HIIT & Flow class before the training, or have familiarized yourself with the format via our online videos because we want to ensure you understand at a high level the HIIT & Flow technique. You can find more information about HIIT & Flow here.


Are there any prerequisites prior to attending an instructor training?

No, there are no prerequisites prior to attending an instructor training; in fact, we encourage anyone to attend one of our trainings regardless of their background. That being said, we do recommend that each participant familiarize themselves with the HIIT & Flow format by taking a class in-person or via online video before the training.

Of course, those who have a background in yoga, strength training, or group fitness instruction will have an easier time fully comprehending the information during the training but the manual is created in such a way that all material reviewed during the training can be revisited afterwards.


How much is the training?

Teacher training is $499, and includes gliders and the instructor manual.

How do I become HIIT & Flow certified?

HIIT & Flow certified status is provided to those who have completed an instructor training and received a passing score on their video test out and written assignment, and have completed at least 10 HIIT & Flow classes and / or 30 practice hours.

Following an instructor training an average of 30 practice hours are recommended for all teacher trainees. This number is just an average and while some require fewer hours, some require more. It is suggested the 30 hours be broken down in to 10 hours of participation (taking HIIT & Flow or similar style classes), 10 hours of observation (watching a class in action and actively taking notes) and 10 hours or practice teaching. Once ready, record yourself teaching a 30 minute HIIT & Flow class to at least one person and submit the video link along with the associated $45 fee on fitapproach.com. Those that receive a passing score will be certified in Barre Intensity.

How long after the training do I have to submit my test out video?

You have 12 months from your scheduled training date to submit your test out video. If more than 12 months have passed you may be required to participate in a HIIT & Flow specific workshop at your expense.


Is there ongoing support and education provided after the training?

We provide ongoing support through our private HIIT & Flow Instructors Facebook group.


Are there requirements to maintain my certified status?

No. We trust that as fitness professionals you are either part of another organization that has continuing education requirements, that you personally believe in the importance of continuing education enough to participate in opportunities, or that you work for a facility that has their own continuing education requirements. Because of this, HIIT & Flow does not have our own set of requirements or fees for maintaining your certified status.

Are than any hidden fees outside of the training cost such as a licensing fee?

No licensing fees, no required monthly fees, no re-certification fees. The fee you pay at the time of registration covers your training and instructor manual. If you chose to submit your test out video there is a $45 processing fee.


Where can I teach the HIIT & Flow format ?

Anywhere! We do not place restrictions on where or what you teach.

I signed up for a training but I can no longer make it. Do I get a refund?

We provide a full refund with more than two weeks’ notice from the scheduled training. If canceling within a two-week window of the scheduled training a refund will not be provided.You may however attend another training of lesser or equal value taking place in the next 12 months.


What are the requirements to bring the HIIT & Flow training to my home facility?

All our requirements are listed on our Host a Training page. If you are interested in hosting or have additional questions pertaining to hosting get in touch with us at hi@flexandflowyoga.com


How long will it take me to become a HIIT & Flow instructor?

This depends on your prior fitness and teaching experience and time available to practice. On average we suggest giving yourself 2 months from the instructor training date to when you plan on teaching or auditioning. Some trainees need only 1 month while others require 3-6.


Why Teach HIIT & Flow?

By taking the Teacher Training, I learned that I can handle intense training (and exercise) because I’m stronger than I think. I also learned that I do like teaching, and I’m looking forward to the next steps in the process so that I can become an official member of the Flex and Flow teaching tribe. Oh, and the training was not only intense, but it was also a ton of fun.

Barbara Rodriguez

In true Flex & Flow fashion, HIIT & Flow teacher training was so so sweaty and so much fun! I was really new to HIIT & Flow when I attended the teacher training, but everything was broken down perfectly and everyone was so supportive that I didn’t feel overwhelmed or lost. If you’re looking to teach HIIT & Flow or deepen your practice, I’d highly recommend it!

Vanessa Lange

HIIT & Flow teacher training is a great way to expand your teaching skills, yoga practice, and overall fitness! I learned a TON from the Flex & Flow team and came out of the training excited to share HIIT with the fitness community. Plus, the weekend was super fun—we got really sweaty and shared a lot of laughs. Can’t wait to meet the next round of teachers!

Robyn Bishop

When walking into HIIT training, I knew I was going to get a wealth of technical knowledge and tools that would help me be a better teacher. I didn’t expect that I would have the opportunity to learn so much about myself, and gain knowledge that I could carry inside and outside of the yoga studio. I’m so happy I gave myself the freedom and opportunity to learn, sweat, and challenge myself to something new.

Tasha Henderson

Signing up for the Flex and Flow HIIT Yoga Teacher training was a giant step away from my comfort zone, but worth every second. The instructors were so supportive; everyday I left feeling excited, strong, and empowered. I challenged myself beyond what I thought I was capable of, and came out not only realizing how much I genuinely enjoy the HIIT and Flow workout, but also how much I enjoyed finding my voice and leading classes.

Kayla Roach