Looking to deepen your practice, push your limits, or try something entirely new? Join us for one of our workshops!

Weekend Workshop with Carmen Aguilar of The Chicago Yoga Lab


Join Carmen Aguilar of The Chicago Yoga Lab for a very special weekend of deepening your practice!

Friday, Oct 6th, 6:00 – 8:00p.m.
Inversions & Arm Balances
Whether you’re intimidated of going upside down or you can dive into those without much trouble, this class will help you take one step further (or more!). Arm balances and inversions share a lot of common principles, body activation, upper body alignment, core/low back engagement,…Improve your endurance, balance, learn better alignment, efficiently use your resources and let’s work on the ones that don’t come that easy. Open your mind to a sweaty and fun class and get ready to conquer these asanas, one try at a time! Lots of wall work guaranteed as well as time on your arms (some breaks too!) so, if you have shoulder/elbow/wrist issues, please inform us and be ready to modify according to your needs. Let’s go!

Saturday, Oct 7th, 1:00 – 3:00p.m.
Hamstrings and the Limitless Leg Power
Open the cap and uncover the enormous amount of energy stored in your legs. Learn to see and use them as the best helper. In every pose, from the obvious standing poses to inversions or arm balances, the legs have so much entity and presence that, single handedly, they can decided the fate of our asanas more so than any other body part. If you have tight hamstrings, thighs, knee/ankle issues, this class IS for you. If you can fall asleep in Splits, this class is ALSO for you. We’ll study lots of stretches, ways to work with them to gain flexibility/mobility. We’ll also start to tap into their vast potential, planting some seeds so our practice can grow from there.

Saturday, Oct 7th, 3:30 – 5:30p.m.
Hip Openers: Road to Yogidandasana
If you’ve never attempted Yogidandasana you’re in for a treat. If you have, this class will expand the array of poses you can do with it and will leave you inspired for more. Whether your hips are ‘opened’ or ‘tight as a clam’, this class is for everyone wanting to access them in a safe and fun way. People with knee, ankle or back issues, or with a sedentary lifestyle, will benefit greatly and find some of these stretches directly applicable. Come with an opened mind, opened heart, and it’ll directly reflect in the hip work we’ll be doing. Sweat and good times assured!!

Sunday, Oct 8th, 1:00 – 3:00p.m.
Backbends and Tip Toeing into Scorpions
Not your average yoga class, this backbend one will dare to trade into waters you might not do on your own, feel intimidated, lost or simply have never thought of. After a thorough warm up and having covered other backbends, some time will be dedicated to study Scorpions, how to do them safely, properly so we can incorporate them in our personal practice. This class is for all levels and you don’t need an ‘advanced’ practice (whatever that means) to participate. You’ll need, however, an opened mind, ready to try and willing to see what happens. Stiffness, or being able to work around our personal difficulties, is a big part of the learning process. You don’t want to miss out on that! Come and explore…

This 3-day weekend workshop is going to be a blast! Catch the early bird price for the whole weekend before 8/1/17 for $190. If you purchase after 8/1/17, the price for the weekend is $225.


Advanced Transitions with Jamie


Saturday, March 25, 1-2:30pm at Flex & Flow

This workshop is for intermediate to advanced yogis looking to take their yoga practice to the next level! Learn how to get upside-down and use it in your vinyasa flow, along with some fun transitions through advanced poses. You will learn how to break down the fundamentals of transitioning from pose to pose in more fluid and dynamic ways, sometimes involving inversions. This workshop is $35 (20% off for members with the unlimited monthly auto pay). Sign up here.

Off the Wall Inversions with Chris!


Join us on Sunday, March 5 from 12- 2pm for and “Off the Wall” Inversion workshop with Chris Davis! Learn how to go upside down & have fun even when the wall’s not there to catch you. This is an unconventional movement-based class, working with various gaits, hops, locomotion patterns and balance drills to build confidence in moving in a less proscribed, front-to-back rut that many yogis lapse into as they let their practice get hemmed in by the rectangular shape of their mat. The larger focus will be to help yogis take their handstand practice away from the wall at least some of the time, to see the wall as a tool rather than as a necessary crutch.

LOVE + Handstands with Liz


We’re celebrating our love of handstands and getting inverted with Liz! For 90 minutes, we’re breaking down handstand and focusing on full-body alignment. We’ll be doing some core strengthening (yup, oh boy), and working to get our hips up over our shoulders and wrists. This workshop is $30; sign up here to get your spot!

Feb 11-12: Acro & Therapeutic Massage


It’s time for more Acro with Ian and Paul! We are so excited to host a weekend of AcroVinyasa and Therapeutic Massage on Valentine’s Day weekend. Portland Juice Co. will be joining us that weekend to sample out juice and give away two, juicy gift cards. Let’s get our fly on, y’all!